I help startups and small businesses succeed.

Grow your small business, startup, or personal brand with marketing and business strategies that ACTUALLY work. 

StoryBrand Certified | Business Made Simple Certified

Stop wasting time and money trying to figure it out as you go

Does running your own small business feel a little different than you thought it would?

Building a profitable and sustainable business doesn’t have to be a nightmare. In fact, with a proven framework it can be quite simple.

Know where to focus and prioritize your business needs

Be confident about what the next move for your business should be

Stand out in a crowded market

A framework so every part of your small business succeeds

Using the Business Made Simple and StoryBrand frameworks, we’ll work together to implement proven and repeatable frameworks so you have the clarity and confidence to grow the business you love.


Most businesses struggle to communicate what they do effectively. The 7-part StoryBrand framework helps you clarify your message so your customers want to do business with you

Marketing & Sales Funnel

No business can get off the ground without an effective sales funnel. This framework helps you create a funnel that makes money while you sleep (literally)


Whether you need to give a speech or write a company memo, this framework will help you communicate the right message and get your audience eating from the palm of your hand

Mission Statement

We know we need to communicate the ‘why’, but most people don’t know how to do it effectively. This framework will clarify your ‘why’ in a way that makes your customers and employees want to go on the journey with you


Most companies lose the sale with the proposal. This framework gives you a repeatable process that turns your proposals into a sales closer


Learn the art of negotiation so you always put yourself in a win-win position. This framework helps you negotiate contracts and agreements so everyone succeeds.

Time Management

Time is one of your most valuable assets. This framework helps you know what to focus on so you spend your time getting a return on the investment you make

Life Plan

Know why your business and your life matter in the bigger picture. This framework helps you take the reins of your life so you always know what the next right step is

“For years my Executive Team has struggled to explain what our company actually does and it was costing us valuable clients and thousands of dollars in potential revenue every month. We invited Josh to join us on our staff retreat to help us craft a clear messaging strategy for our company that we’re now using on our websites, emails, sales calls, and elevator pitches. I felt like this was such a valuable investment that I offered $500 to any team member that could quote our elevator pitch by the end of the retreat. As a result, our team is closing more sales, people are responding to emails and booking calls, and our team is more aligned with our mission than ever before. I’m so glad I made this investment for our company.”

Brad Custred

CEO, Slingshot

Your success begins today

Choose your path

Every great partnership begins with a plan.

There are two different ways we can work together to learn and execute the Business Made Simple and StoryBrand frameworks.

Create and execute the plan together

Now it’s time to make it your own.
We’ll work together to equip your business with the right frameworks to increase profitability and revenue.

Grow a profitable and sustainable business

Enjoy that feeling of success and growth.
Now that you have the tools you need to grow and lead a life and business you love, you’ll experience a deeper sense of meaning and purpose in everything you do.

What working together can do for your business

Increase profits

Attract the right clients

Improve employee retention

Align your team

Improve your leadership & management

Boost productivity

What my clients say

As a small business, we never really stopped to analyze the message that we were sending to our potential clients. Sometimes it was even confusing to us how to articulate what we do. Josh stepped in and helped craft our message in such a clear way that now we know exactly WHO we are and WHY we do it...which just makes potential clients want to learn more about WHAT we do. Today, our business is growing beyond our wildest dreams... during a pandemic and recession, no less. My only complaint is that I wish we had partnered with Josh sooner

Nathan Gaddis

Vice President, Design373

Working with Josh last summer made a significant difference this past year. Josh helped me clarify my audience, my message, and my brand. I’ve seen a 100% increase in book sales, in retreat and speaking requests, and in revenue this year since overhauling my website and marketing using the Storybrand method. The numbers only tell a piece of the story. The biggest impact though is the doors it opened for me to amplify the message of the Good News to people I would not typically stand in front of.

Becky Eldredge

Owner and Author, BeckyEldredge.com

Meet your Guide

In 2017 Josh Taylor shifted from a full-time, 9-5 day job to building his own 6-figure consulting business within just 12 months.

Today, Josh is a leading StoryBrand Certified Guide, Certified Business Made Simple Coach, and Personal Brand Strategist with Brand Builders Group.

As an experienced, international business coach and speaker, Josh has worked with hundreds of brands including CEOs, small business owners, and faith-based leaders to create marketing and personal brand strategies to grow their organizations and increase revenue.

Josh’s areas of expertise include leadership development, branding strategy, digital marketing strategy & implementation, personal brand coaching, public speaking engagements as well as conference keynotes. He has also been featured in Forbes for his business coaching expertise.

Josh holds a Master’s Degree in Pastoral Leadership; served as an Executive Pastor for over twelve years; a university instructor, marketing director, and most importantly, a husband and dad.

How We Can Work Together

Choose the right path that fits your business and your goals. Each of these options are designed to help you succeed and see results quickly.


One-on-One coaching

Weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly Marketing and Business Coaching using the StoryBrand and Business Made Simple frameworks.


Learn how to eliminate confusion from your messaging so customers engage and buy from you


Learn how to create a 5-part sales funnel that generates revenue for your business


Whether you’re creating a video, speech, or PR campaign, you’ll learn how to make sure your audience engages


Create a life plan and use a daily planner that will keep you focused and help you experience a deeper sense of meaning


Create a 7-part proposal that will increase conversions and win more deals for your business

Create and Execute all or part of a winning sales funnel

I can help you create all or part of your sales funnel to drive sales and grow your business.


Know exactly how to answer the question, “What do you do?” that leaves them wanting to know more


Build a website designed and written to convert your viewers into buyers

lead magnet

Generate leads and build your email list

Email nurture campaign

Ongoing email campaigns that continue to “nurture” your relationship with a client

Email sales campaign

The sales campaign will focus on closing the deal and making you money while you sleep


I will help you learn how to use and implement the tools needed to build a winning sales funnel, including your email marketing platform. 

You can keep doing what you’re doing. Or you can make a choice today that will change everything.